Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of an Era

I have been fortunate, as a coach, to have probably more than my fair share of mentors in the profession, going all the way back to Steve Chronister, my basketball coach for five years in elementary and middle school.  They include coaches that I have played for, managed under, studied under, been an assistant for, and worked with in the same athletic department.  Virtually all of them have had illustrious careers at a higher level than whenever I played for/worked for/worked with them.  Like I said, I have been pretty lucky in that regard.  I bring this up because one of these people, Richie Burke, who coaches a sport that I have never really played in an organized form, has gotten a chance to return to the professional coaching ranks after well over a decade of running the incredibly well-oiled machine that is the National Cathedral School soccer program.  And although I don't know that Richie ever intended to serve as a guide, he has had a pretty profound impact on my career for someone who coaches a sport that I have no practical experience in.