Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Influential Coaches #8: Tessa Paganini

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January: Paul Westphal (basketball)
February: Tara Gallagher (basketball/softball)
March: Robert Joseph Ahola (rugby)
April: Rickey Perkins (swimming)
May: Bob Smith & Mike Craig (baseball)
June: Michael Minthorne (strength & conditioning)
July: Steve Radotich (football)

Of all the people in this twelve-part series, I spent the least time working with or playing for Tessa; we were co-head coaches of the National Cathedral School varsity volleyball team for one season, which lasted all of three months in the fall of 2009. But those three months turned out to be very influential in my development as a coach, and helped greatly the following season, when I had my favorite season working with any team that I've ever coached.