Monday, October 27, 2014

Influential Coaches #10: Micah Hartman

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January: Paul Westphal (basketball)
February: Tara Gallagher (basketball/softball)
March: Robert Joseph Ahola (rugby)
April: Rickey Perkins (swimming)
May: Bob Smith & Mike Craig (baseball)
June: Michael Minthorne (strength & conditioning)
July: Steve Radotich (football)
August: Tessa Paganini (volleyball)
September: Lynn Seitz (swimming)

October is smack in the middle of volleyball season, and so in honor of that we are going to take a look at Micah, who was a co-assistant coach with me for two years and an assistant under Tessa and I for one, all with NCS volleyball. During those three years, Micah's coaching provided a significant piece of the foundation for the 2010 Cathedral volleyball team, which remains the best season-long experience that I have ever had as a coach.